Service Projects
Service Projects

Rotarians Give Thanks

On a gloriously beautiful day, Metro Rotarians went out last Saturday to Northern Oahu to plant trees and help reforest the area.  This was part of the annual ROTARIANS GIVE THANKS effort where we go and serve the community on Thanksgiving Weekend to show appreciation for all the blessings we enjoy.

Several Rotarian Clubs each contributed ten workers and came together, under socially distanced conditions, to plant 400 trees on the first day of this tree month project.  The project is managed by the ECOROTARY Club of Kakaako, a club noticeable by its youth, drive, and focus on improving our environment.

In addition to the 400 trees that were planted on this first day, another 1,000 small trees were provided maintenance.  This campaign will take place on numerous Saturdays from now until February and the goal is to plant 5,000 trees by then.

 Metro Rotary is contributing a total of 9 teams of ten people each to go out over nine different Saturday‚Äôs over the coming months and plant some 900 trees. The work is fun, interesting, and simple.  The countryside is beautiful and its just a pleasure to be there, let along to contribute to the vegetation.  Holes are pre-dug, the small trees come in small plastic containers that are removed, the tree placed in the hole, two food capsules added, fill up the hole, and on to the next tree!!  We barely broke into a sweat or got much dirt on us.